Café Kvika

Café Kvika

Guests have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing, light lunch or dinner in the modern yet welcoming dining area, or alternatively on sunny days sit outside on the terrace while enjoying the refreshments.

We can welcome up to 120 guests at a time, with the additional option of around 50 outdoor seats, weather permitting.

Our selection

Our selection includes soup of the day with freshly baked bread, freshly made sandwiches, fresh salad in boxes, extensive and fresh
salad bar (Apr-Oct) and the famous geyser bread with smoked arctic char.

Throughout the day we also offer hot beverages, cakes and muffins as well as sodas, beer and wine.

Please note: We do not serve the salad bar during winter.

Our selection

Soup of the day

1300 ISK
Bread bun and butter included

Goulash Soup

1700 ISK
Bread bun and butter included


1700 ISK
A box of salad, various types availabe

Soup and salad

2900 ISK
Bread bun and butter included


600 ISK
Various types of fresh sandwiches

Geyser bread w/smoked char

500 ISK
The famous hot spring bread, baked underground

Fresh from the oven

600 ISK
Cinnamon rolls, croissants and more

Sweet treats

400/800 ISK
A muffin or a slice of cake


Coffee/tea/hot chocolate (200 ml)

350 ISK

Softdrinks (500 ml)

350 ISK

Small draft beer/bottle beer (330 ml)

900 ISK

Large draft beer (500 ml)

1100 ISK

White wine/Red wine/Rosé

1400 ISK(187 ML)

Sparkling wine (200 ml)

1400 ISK

Juice (250 ml)

200 ISK

Chocolate milk (250 ml)

200 ISK