Please take a look at this video before you read these frequently asked questions. It might answer some of your questions. 

Do I need to book a ticket?

  • We kindly ask our guests to pre-book, but don´t panic if you forgot to book in advance, walk-ins are welcome!

We are a group of people, do we need to pre-book?

  • Yes, if your group has 10 or more people, we kindly ask you to book in advance here on our website. 

What is the temperature of the water?

  • The water is well suited for bathing with temperatures ranging from 36-40C°.

Do I need to take a shower before I go into the lagoon?

  • Yes, we kindly ask everybody to shower before they go in to the lagoon. The showers are located inside the changing rooms, there you will find soap, shampoo and a conditioner. 

How long can I stay in the lagoon?

  • You can stay as long as you want, within opening hours. Most people spend around 90 minutes in total.

I have booked a ticket at 14:00, can I arrive at 13:00?

  • If you book at 14:00, you can arrive between 14:00 and 14:30. 

Can I stay in the lagoon until closing time?

  • No, everyone has to leave the building before closing time.

Can I bring alcohol to the lagoon?

  • You can not bring your own alcohol to the lagoon. You can buy a beer/wine bracelet at the reception and the staff member who is working outside will bring your drink.

How does the beer/wine bracelet work?

  • You buy the bracelet at the entrance (max 3 beers or 2 glasses of wine) and the staff member who is working outside will bring your drink.

Do I need to bring the towel with me to the lagoon?

  • You can use your own towel but if you do not have a towel with you, you can rent a towel at the entrance. We recommend that you keep you towel in the towel rack (located where the showers are).

How deep is the lagoon?

  • It is about 1.3 meters.

Do I need to rent a locker?

  • No, it is included in the price. You get a locker coin at the reception when you pay for your entrance.

Do you have private showers?

  • Yes, we have 2-3 private showers in each changing room.

Do you accept international student ID’s?

  • Yes, we accept all student ID’s as long as they are valid.